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What Is Cancer, Heart Attack, And Stroke insurance?

Cancer, Heart Attack, and Stroke Insurance is designed to protect you financially in the event of being diagnosed with Cancer, having a heart attack, or having a stroke. Like critical illness insurance, upon diagnosis of either Cancer, Heart attack, or Stroke the beneficiary will be paid a lump-sum amount between $5,000 and $100,000, relative to premium paid. Unlike critical illness, which encompasses many ailments, the Cancer and the Heart Attack/Stroke portions of the insurance are purchased individually. Policies can be lifetime or term, and issue ages can range between 18-99.

Statistics show that there is a 1 in 3 chance that each of us will be given a diagnosis of Cancer throughout our lifetime. Are you aware that even with proper health insurance, the average annual cost of reoccurring cancer can be over 10,000/month due to drug costs? Due to an increase in deductible costs, drug costs, and coinsurance, the amount of money most individuals must furnish before their healthcare becomes comprehensive (if ever) is rapidly increasing. Even with the best insurance, there is no guarantee that your insurance company can or will approve the treatments you seek in an emergency. Cancer Heart Attack and Stroke Insurance can provide lump-sum cash to take control of medical treatment.

Am I Someone Who Needs Cancer, Heart Attack and Stroke Insurance?

What Are Some Examples of What Cancer, Heart Attack, and Stroke Lump-Sum Payments Can Be Utilized For?

  • Pay high deductibles

  • Pay for remaining healthcare costs

  • Pay to improve quality of life and living

  • Pay off remaining personal investments such as mortgages and cars

  • Treatments not covered by insurance, which have shown success

  • Treatments outside the United States.

Cancer, Heart Attack and Stroke plans are offered by major carriers like Aetna, Cigna, and Mutual of Omaha, with underwriting based on past diagnosis of the above-mentioned ailments. For more information, a free consultation, a personal rate, or to apply, give us a call or stop by! Take control of your treatment options and be prepared for the costs. Experience Freedom in Healthcare.

How Do I Apply?

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