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NJ Life & Health Insurance Group

Choosing A Carrier

NJ Life and Health Insurance Group is an Insurance Brokerage. This means we work on behalf of the client, not the insurance companies. Our brokers contract with all insurance providers to find the option that is best for the client, free of charge. By organizing our business in this fashion, we are able to create a life-long client relationship and adapt to your changing health needs. Our team has a specialized understanding of the current and ever-changing Medicare program, and we make choosing insurance plans easy. Below you will find more specifics about Medicare Supplement and Medicare Advantage Plans. If you need  information you can call our office or visit our website to make an appointment. 

Our Carriers

We only work with the best of the best. Each insurance company occupies its own unique niche and we are able to sort through each to find the right one for you. Some of our partners include:

  • Aetna: Medicare Supplements, Life Insurance, Medicare Advantage, Prescription Drug Plans

  • Mutual: Medicare Supplements, Life Insurance, Long Term Care, Prescription Drug Plans

  • Humana: Medicare Supplements, Prescription Drug Plans, Medicare Advantage

  • Horizon: Medicare Supplements, Braven Medicare Advantage, Prescription Drug Plans

  • Cigna: Medicare Supplements, Prescription Drug Plans, Medicare Advantage

  • Royal Arcanum: Medicare Supplements

  • Capitol Life: Medicare Supplements, Life Insurance

  • Pan-American: Medicare Supplements

  • ​Wellcare: Medicare Prescription Drug Plans

Does My Carrier Matter When Choosing a Medicare Supplement?

For service, no. Every Medicare Supplement will give you the same Medicare network regardless of provider. And each Plan (G, F, N, etc) is standardized by the federal government to give you the same payout structure. No matter what your provider, you can expect the same coverage.

What you pay per month for a supplement however, can vary greatly. Even though the network is the same and all plans are standardized, each carrier is allowed to charge whatever they like. This can lead to you paying a bigger monthly premium than your neighbor if you're not careful. Talk to us about the differences in prices with carriers and how they will change over time. 

Does My Carrier Matter When Choosing a Medicare Advantage Plan?

Absolutely. Each carrier has a different doctors they partner with for their Medicare Advantage plans. Making sure the doctors you want to see participate with a Medicare Advantage plan is crucial. You also want to make sure your prescriptions are covered favorably. Each provider has a formulary, or list of prescriptions they offer and at what price. Look into the formulary to check that your prescriptions are affordable with the provider you're looking at. 

Does My Carrier Matter When Choosing a Medicare Prescription Drug Plan?

Absolutely. Each provider has a formulary, or list of drugs they cover and at what cost. This means every carrier has a different set of prescriptions they prefer to offer. Check your prescriptions against a few different formularies to find the best cost available for you and your prescriptions. Remember, there is no one size fits all for these plans. It completely depends on YOUR drugs. 

What If I'm On Medicare Disability?

People under 65 who have been on Social Security Disability for 24 months or have ESRD or ALS are eligible for Medicare. When on Medicare due to disability, you can choose any Medicare Advantage plan or Stand Alone Prescription Drug Plan available to Medicare recipients in your area. There may also be plans available in your area specific to your condition like D-SNP plans, C-SNP plans, and more. You are also able to choose from a few different Medicare supplements if you are under 65. Your choices of Plan and carrier vary greatly depending on your state, age, and Medicare Enrollment date.  

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