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What Is GoodRx and How Does It Work With Medicare?

Many Medicare beneficiaries are familiar with GoodRx. They have been running many commercials and mailing out free cards to seniors, leading to increased recognition. While many people are aware of GoodRx, they are often confused as to what services the company provides. Does it work with my insurance? Is it insurance? Does it work with Medicare? In this article, we are going to clear the air on what GoodRx is and how you can use it to get lower prescription prices.

Is GoodRx Insurance?

GoodRx is not insurance. It is a service that allows you to compare prescription prices across various pharmacies and get discounts on those prescriptions. Their basic plan is free to consumers. GoodRx uses money from advertisements and referral fees to fund their business at no cost to the user.

How Do I Use GoodRx?

When you have a prescription that you want to try and fill at a lower price, start by heading to the GoodRx website ( or download the GoodRx app on your phone. Then simply type the name of the drug into the search bar and you will be given a list of pharmacies in your area that have the medication. Each pharmacy will have a price listed for that medication that is easily comparable against other pharmacies. You can also change the dosage and frequency of the medication for your specific needs. When you go to get your prescription filled simply bring a GoodRx card, print the coupon off the website, or show the GoodRx app on your phone to your pharmacist to get your discounted price.

Do I Need to Have an Account with GoodRx?

No, you do not need to have an account with GoodRx to use the service. If you receive a card or print a coupon it will not have your name listed or have any other identifying features. This holds true on the app as well. That being said, you can register an account on their website to track your prescriptions and get other useful information if you would like.

How Does GoodRx Work with Medicare?

I must repeat, GoodRx is NOT insurance. It is NOT a substitute for a Medicare Prescription Drug Plan. If you only have GoodRx you will risk being penalized by Medicare. That does not mean, however, that GoodRx cannot be useful for you if you are on Medicare.

It is no secret that many prescriptions on Medicare can be expensive. Many people struggle to pay for certain drugs. GoodRx can be used in tandem with you Medicare Prescription Drug Plan to help lower your costs. In most cases, your Medicare PDP will have the lowest cost, but there is a chance that a few prescriptions will have a lower cost with GoodRx. Slowly but surely, you can map out which prescriptions fit into each camp and get you the lowest price possible!

Common Prescription Categories where GoodRx is often the better option include:

  • Hormone Therapy (Estrogen, Testosterone, Estradiol, etc).

  • Steroid or antibiotic creams and shampoos

  • One-time antibiotics and cough syrups

  • Anti-depressants, anti-anxiety or extended-release sleep medications

  • Overactive Bladder Medications

  • Generic Albuterol

  • Prescription Eyedrops, Eardrops & Mouthwashes

Conclusion: Your broker will more than likely have answers you cannot find online. To guarantee you are getting the lowest possible cost for your prescriptions, reach out to NJ Life and Health. Our brokers will guide you through Medicare Prescription coverage and GoodRx and leave out any guesswork. Call our office at 848-226-6897 or visit our website to schedule an appointment today. All information on GoodRx was taken directly from their website. Other parts were based on our personal experience. For more information visit

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