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Kenneth Guzman-Andrade Medicare Broker

Kenneth Guzman-Andrade

Licensed Health Insurance Broker

Written 5/26/2023

Medicare Disability

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Medicare Disability | Medicaid

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What is Medicare Disability? 

If you are under the age of 65 and have been receiving SSDI for 24 consecutive months or have ALS or ESRD, you will be enrolled in Medicare Parts A & B. This is sometimes referred to as "Medicare Disability".

Differences Between Medicare Disability and Medicare over 65 

Medicare Disability functions in virtually the same way as Original Medicare for people over 65. The Medicare premiums and network are the same, and you often have access to the same Medicare prescription plans and Medicare Advantage plans available to those over 65 in your area. The primary difference is the Medicare Supplements available to you. The Medicare Supplement plans and carriers you can enroll with vary highly depending on your state, age, and Medicare start date.  

Dual Eligibility as an Option 

If you are on Medicare Disability, you may also qualify for Medicaid. If you have both, you may be considered “Dual-Eligible”. If this is the case, you have more options than those just on Medicare.


Check out our article on Medicaid here: Medicaid

Medicare Disability and Turning 65 

When you first go onto Medicare Disability, you are given an Initial Enrollment Period. This allows you to waive any health questions related to Medicare Supplement enrollment. After the Initial Enrollment Period, it can be hard to switch Supplements while on Medicare Disability due to health. 

When you turn 65, you are given a new Initial Enrollment Period. This allows you to switch your Medicare Supplement plan or carrier, or switch to a Supplement if you have been in the Medicare Advantage plan.

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