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 Michael Power Medicare Broker

Michael Power

Licensed Life and

Health Insurance Broker

Written 5/15/2023


Intro | Should I Take Medicare Now?

|How To Signup For Medicare | Medicare Secondary Options |

I'm Turning 65 But My Spouse Is Not |

Medicare Disability | Medicaid

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Congratulations on making it to Retirement! You have worked hard for many years and deserve to finally relax. We will help guide you through Medicare to make sure you avoid any headaches and can retire without any worries. 

Comparing Options

Some people who are retiring are often given retiree coverage from their former employer. Deciding to take this coverage or Medicare is a big decision, as many retiree plans are “use it or lose it”.


We recommend talking to one of our brokers to get an apples-to-apples comparison of all your options in plain English to help you decide what path is write for you. 

How To Sign Up For Medicare 

Signing up for Medicare after 65 due to retirement is a bit different from signing up for Medicare when turning 65. You must both sign up for Medicare AND prove to Medicare that you have had “credible coverage” to avoid penalties. 


This is done by completing the Part B Enrollment form (CMS 40B) and having your employer fill out the Request for Employment Information Form (CMS-L564), which then both get sent to Social Security. We have helped hundreds of people do this and avoid penalties and lapses in coverage in the process. We HIGHLY recommend having one of our brokers help you. 

Retiring Before 65

Unless you are on Medicare Disability, you cannot take Medicare prior to turning 65, even if you retire. In some cases, your employer may offer you COBRA coverage that will cover you until you turn 65. In other cases, you will have to get an individual policy through the marketplace until you turn 65.

It’s best to have a game plan for retirement well ahead of your retirement date, to get all your affairs in order. We recommend speaking to one of our brokers to have a contingency plan for any situation that may arise. 

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