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Forbes - Humana Medicare Supplement Plans Review For 2024

Our President John O'Hara contributed to Forbes' review of Humana Medicare Supplements. Written by Janice Lam. Updated on 11/2/2023. 

The Sandpaper - Medicare Enrollees Warned of Rising Copays as Pharma Giants Leave PAAD Program

Ken Connolly of NJ Life and Health gave his thoughts on GSK and Eli Lilly leaving New Jersey's popular PAAD program. PAAD helps Medicare enrollees in NJ lower their prescription costs. Written by Monique Demopoulos on 4/17/2024. 

The Sandpaper - Ship Bottom Brothers Leave High Profile Jobs To Launch NJ Life and Health

Follow the story of our founders Will and John O'Hara, who left their careers in finance and cancer research to help Medicare enrollees. Written by Monique Demopoulos on 9/22/2022.

Inside LBI Podcast - Episode 30

The Inside LBI podcast had Ken Connolly on to talk about the humble beginnings of NJ Life and Health and why life insurance is so important for young families. Produced by Beach House Realty. Hosted by Michael Spark and Caitlin Greve. Released on June 7, 2024

Bird's Eye Wealth Planning - Financial Literacy for Medicare

We helped contribute to Bird's Eye Wealth Planning's article on how Medicare costs should be a part of your financial plan. Written by Rob Walsh on 4/3/2024

Retirable - Retirable and NJ Life & Health Partner To Provide Health and Wealth Expertise for Seniors

We have been partnered with Retirable for years to help our clients better plan their financial futures. Learn about our partnership and how we can help you. Published 3/28/2023.

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