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Michael Power Medicare Broker

Michael Power

Licensed Life and

Health Insurance Broker

Written 5/20/2023

Turning 65

Intro | Should I Take Medicare Now?

|How To Signup For Medicare | Medicare Secondary Options |

I'm Turning 65 But My Spouse Is Not |

Medicare Disability | Medicaid

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Congratulations on making it to Medicare! Below are a few common situations related to Medicare. Click the link for your situation to learn more.

Congratulations on Turning 65! Dive into what to do and what your options are with the link above. 

If you are taking Medicare due to retirement or losing work insurance, this is the page for you! Learn about a few different situations and how to navigate them. 

Learn about how Medicare works, what your different secondary options are, and more!

Medicare under 65 due to disability has a few key differences compared to Medicare over 65. Learn more in the link above. 

Learn how Medicaid interacts with Medicare and what it means to be "Dual-Eligible"

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