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Whether you're turning 65 or losing coverage due to retirement, we know you've likely received hundreds of calls and pieces of mail from Medicare agents. Many of these agents will simply sign you up for a plan from the carrier they work for, and in many cases, the plan that will provide them the best commission. Often these agents will sign you up only to disappear when you have questions down the road.

As a family-owned brokerage with over 30 years of experience, our job is to work on behalf of the client - not the insurance companies. In order to provide you with all the options available, we contract with all the major insurance carriers. But here's the secret: all Medicare Supplements are identical between carriers! They are standardized by Medicare (see the Medicare & You handbook). The only true difference is that each company charges a different rate (for the same plan) and will increase that rate at different paces. On the other side of Medicare, there are thousands of Medicare Advantage plans to choose from! Each has a very different network and benefits. Don't leave this decision up to chance, talk to a licensed Medicare broker to make the best possible choice. 

The team at NJ Life and Health will be here for you throughout your lifetime, and we are focused on your long term health and well-being. We will make sure the plan you choose has an appropriate cost for you, and make sure you know what costs to expect in the future. We will always be there to answer your questions and stay up to date with your changing healthcare needs. 

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At NJ Life and Health Insurance Group, our dedicated and knowledgeable team of licensed insurance agents will help you navigate your insurance needs and find you the best prices available across all carriers.

Our company maintains the highest standards of insurance practice, while focusing specifically on the needs of each individual client. We contract with all of the top rated insurance carriers, with a focus on providing the best policy choices and service to each client.


We provide a professional and convenient way to evaluate all your needs from the comfort of your home, or in our office. Simply stop by our office or give us a call, and we will gladly provide you with a free unbiased evaluation and consultation!

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Medicare Supplements

We'll get you comprehensive medical coverage at a fair price. And make sure that price stays fair in the future. 

Life Insurance

Whether you are covering your own final expenses, or need coverage for a young family, we'll get you covered. 

Part D Prescription Plans

We'll make sure you're getting the lowest possible cost for your drugs at the pharmacy you want to go to. We'll also help you apply for state and manufacturer assistance. 

Group Insurance

We'll insure that your employees have proper coverage. And that you have a trusted representative for your plan if you ever need help.

Medicare Advantage

We'll find a network that covers as many of your doctor's as possible. And we'll get you a plan that keeps your out of pocket costs low.


We'll find a network that covers as many of your doctor's as possible. And we'll get you a plan that keeps your out of pocket costs low.




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